365 Days of Motivational and Inspirational Quotes

365 Motivational and Inspirational Quotes Stylehyme

Looking for Inspiration and Motivation? For over many years we’ve collated the very best Motivational and Inspirational Quotes we can find to positively enhance your life and well being.

We want to help you move along your path to success and that means adopting the right mind set every day! If you read these quotes regularly, it helps improve your attitude, outlook and positivity.

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And let me tell you, being more positive has a powerful beneficial effects on our wellbeing over time. Believe me, I know! So I hope that you take these uplifting and inspirational words to heart. May they motivate you to be the best that you can be!

  1. Never be distracted by another person’s success. Focus on your unique path and timeline to success. That is when productivity increases, true efficiency is maximised and dreams get fulfilled.
  2. You don’t go into business just based on motivation. You go into business with the right tools, strategies and professional advice. Anything less than that and you will be found wanting.
  3. The human mind is unbelievably rich with great ideas and possibilities. Employ it, feed it, challenge it, and it will work wonders for you.
  4. Leadership is not in the position you are in but in the values you stand for, the principles you live by and how you conduct yourself, both privately and publicly.
  5. Lessons can only be learnt by going through the process. Not outside it, around it, through someone else or by paying your way out of it.
  6. Value is often associated with how much you want something. If you really want it, you are more inclined to place a higher value on it. The opposite equally applies.
  7. Your greatest asset is the way you think. Not your skills, resources or the position you occupy. Because with the right mindset, you can turn any situation into greater success.
  8. Planning on a daily basis still counts. Just make sure you prioritise. Doing things anyhow without prioritising will steal away your most valuable asset – your time.
  9. Dreams give birth to passion and passion produces action. Your work ethic, consistency and determination deliver excellent results.
  10. A lesson learnt is better than a mistake never made.
  11. A teachable spirit or attitude is among the greatest assets one can possess in life and in business.
  12. Let the prize be your source of motivation, not just the goal. Aim higher.
  13. To avoid the process is to deny yourself the rewards. Postponing the process can rob you of the time you get to enjoy the rewards.
  14. A dedicated approach to business is an attitude that when you master it, can enable you to succeed at anything in life.
  15. Don’t settle for anything less than your value. Know your price, and refuse to allow others to set it for you.
  16. A poverty mentality makes you place less value on time. You don’t appreciate it yourself and have no respect for other people’s time.
  17. If you believe you are a great prospect, then you will be a great prospect. Often, by simply showing up and taking action, we confirm that belief. Because the more you practice something, the more your skills improve and the better your results will be.
  18. Information makes you knowledgeable. Discernment makes you wiser.
  19. If your vision doesn’t make sense to you, your vision won’t make sense to the investor.
  20. Successful people don’t just work hard, they work smart. And that, my friend, is the basis of strategy!
  21. When it comes to high-level decisions and quick fixes, sometimes shortcuts work out, but you may lose the chance to find other problems, identify other solutions or discover different ways to improve.
  22. Successful people make time for people, activities and events that matter to their journey.
  23. Once you find your purpose, it is too powerful and addictive to let go.
  24. Quality is a result of attention to detail. Until you give every aspect due attention, you can never exceed the average.
  25. Excellence has no limits because there is always room for improvement.
  26. Knowledge can be exclusive, but wisdom is never exclusive.
  27. Starting a business is an investment. And until you see it that way, it will be a challenge to manage your expectations.
  28. Success always comes to those who do it right.
  29. Get your thinking right, and the rest is history.
  30. The greatest mistake or limitation of an individual is not knowing what you want in life, relationships or business.
  31. Until you put a value on what you need, it will never become yours.
  32. The truth is, what you sell as a business must be of good value if it is going to be the customers’ preferred choice over anything else that exists in the market.
  33. The value of your product or service dictates the amount of time and resources you need to market it to your prospects.
  34. By all means network. However, what counts is the quality of the network. Never underestimate that. It makes a huge difference.
  35. When you lose your identity, you lose your sense of reasoning. Define who you are, and your focus will be as clear as ever.
  36. No number of lectures or education will deliver to you what going through the process can teach you.
  37. You are never short of passion when you are an original.
  38. You can never grow above what you are consciously or unconsciously exposed to.
  39. You may be able to fake love, but you can never fake passion. Because it is a driven inner force. And it is necessary for your business success.
  40. You should think through things thoroughly and see the impact on the quality of your output. You will shock yourself.
  41. To shift the responsibility of your process is to gift others with your potential rewards.
  42. If you don’t control your mind and steer it right, it will not be productive enough to serve your purpose. Take charge now.
  43. The difference between price and value is that price is the amount of money a customer pays for a product and/or service. Value, on the other hand, is the customer’s perceived benefits of that product and/or service.
  44. A value for money promotion strategy is not just dependent on advertising on any available platform but a platform available to and accessed by the target customer. A successful advertising campaign strategy aims at the best combination of the two.
  45. When discipline is your friend, your journey to the top becomes shorter. Because everything else hinges on it.
  46. The process is what produces great leaders and influencers. There is no great leader or icon in history without a story.
  47. The process is what separates boys from men and girls from women.
  48. The process is your friend and your best bet to achieve greater heights and success.
  49. The process will always cause pain, but the rewards make it worth it. Never despise your process!
  50. Your process is unique to you and your divinely ordained assignment. Many avoid it, thus losing out in life.
  51. Think before you talk to ensure what you are saying makes sense. Or else you risk embarrassing yourself, if not lose a client or significant business contract/deal.
  52. If you don’t restrict who has access to you, even the unqualified become a priority. Be smart and take charge.
  53. If you keep excusing mediocre standards, you will struggle to exceed even your own past performance.
  54. If you live by your feelings and for convenience, you will never accomplish anything of significance in this life.
  55. Discipline is the mother of effort. If you master it, even the most difficult of roads to the top will become bearable.
  56. Being conscious of other people’s time and space and thoughtful enough to appreciate it when given access is a huge blessing.
  57. Being courteous and well-mannered is “gold” in business. All that counts is knowing how to say thank you, please, sorry, sir, ma’am and being nice and kind.
  58. Have the ability to say or do anything but exercise the maturity to not do it. This is higher level living.
  59. Being respectful and confident when you can be otherwise because of age, status or influence is simply awesome! Try it.
  60. Being responsible is attractive. Do not live by excuses, but be responsible for your actions, meet obligations and earn trust.
  61. Being trustworthy and having integrity is an enviable platinum combination that always breaks barriers in the end.
  62. The process is real! There is work to do, mistakes to make, risks to take and success to achieve—if you don’t faint first!
  63. Until you partner your brain with your emotions, you won’t make the best decisions and cannot accomplish much in life.
  64. A poverty mentality makes you feel like you know it all. You see speaking to an expert as a waste, rather than an investment.
  65. If you don’t want any opposition in life, please do NOT do anything. Because as soon as you sign up for any meaningful project or goal, you will attract some challenges. The greater the impact on the well-being of society, the greater the challenge will be. But don’t fret, you can overcome it.
  66. When you lose the art of respecting what others bring to the table, you lose the art of learning. Because wisdom does not come from just one person.
  67. When you take ‘access’ to mean ‘familiarity’, you end up losing it all, including potential opportunities. It pays to learn to use your ‘access’ respectfully.
  68. You don’t lack help when you give it freely and consistently. Often, even before you ask, it is offered to you. Be kind and caring.
  69. Entrepreneurs who pay for expert advice do so because they are smart enough to know ROI (return on investment) is guaranteed.
  70. No one succeeds in business all by themselves. Even the experts invest in seeking relevant knowledge. Either spend time researching and learning about your business or hire someone who has done it to teach you.
  71. How much you are willing to invest in business advice tells me how serious you are about your success. There is always something new to learn from the right person or source.
  72. Until you are willing to budget a good amount for quality advice as you are on materials, you are not ready to succeed. Make provisions for expert advice; it will be worth it.
  73. Irrespective of the challenges, the process will become exciting if the destination is real enough to you!
  74. Personal hygiene, keeping your environment clean, being conscious of it, looking good and smelling good are great characteristics of a leader.
  75. Plan so that your exposure to negative outcomes is kept to the barest minimum and positive outcomes become the norm!
  76. To enjoy a good life, you must envision it, dream it, desire it and recreate it over and over again in your mind. You must also plan it, sacrifice for it, expect it, see it and experience it.
  77. Your value is in the price you had to pay and the choices you had to make to get to where you are now.
  78. You do not grow and become successful by default. You have to learn and take sound advice along the way.
  79. Your growth will be slow until you learn to value the right knowledge and the right strategies from the right sources.
  80. You will never be ready to take your place until you are willing to grow into where you are going.
  81. Don’t just desire to succeed, prepare to handle success when you get there!
  82. Character always has the last word. What does your character say about you?
  83. If you don’t take the step of faith/risk on your ideas and concepts, you will always end up complaining and envying those who act on theirs to make things happen.
  84. If you don’t commit to identifying your unique strengths or abilities, working on turning them into a business or using them to bless others, you will become a slave to envy.
  85. You always have a choice. You can either remain ignorant or be knowledgeable and up to date in life, both of which come at a cost, although the latter has immense benefits if you do something with what you learn from it.
  86. Until you learn to master distractions, your attention will always be directed at what others are doing, keeping you from focusing on your target.
  87. If you lack endurance, you can never build anything worth applauding.
  88. Purpose attracts distractions and detractors like nothing else. It needs deliberate and purposeful guarding to stay on course.
  89. The greater the destiny, the more mentoring you need, including staying under some kind of leadership and authority to serve and learn. Destiny, and learning as a servant first; they work together.
  90. A society where people are ridiculed for going after their bold dreams ends up becoming ridiculed itself!
  91. The value of a question is in the answer it generates. Give it a bit more thought if you expect the right answer.
  92. Have a healthy relationship with your online (social media) presence. Never allow it to distort your personality or steal your sense of discretion.
  93. Have the ability to keep some things private, no matter how tempting it may be. Because once you put it out there, it’s there forever. Balance is key to your peace.
  94. Success rarely starts outside the realm of a person’s thinking faculty. It is why you must be willing to renew your mind and engage it productively.
  95. Attaining a different level of success without updating your knowledge base or changing environment is an uphill task.
  96. If your mindset is wrong, very little will go right. If it is right, then it is gold. Because you will eventually get to where you want to be.
  97. The why of going into business makes a difference. If your why is pure and authentic, you stand a higher chance of success.
  98. A poverty mentality makes you place less value on knowledge. You always have a reason for not investing in yourself.
  99. Time is a major factor. Expecting too much too soon can kill your drive. Allow the time factor to work for you.
  100. Excellence opens doors and establishes you, whichever way you turn.
  101. The cost of producing a plan is always significantly lower than the cost of groping around in the dark with no plan.
  102. Not planning is simply a lack of strategy in business. It is too expensive to overlook.
  103. Planning before starting anything and a periodic review of strategy as you build, is bound to save you significant time and resources.
  104. The right body of knowledge offers you a solid basis for strategy. Mix that with action and success will be yours.
  105. Until you begin to truly value knowledge, progressive change will be hard to come by.
  106. You attract opportunities when you are prepared. Your success is tied to taking advantage of such opportunities.
  107. If it is worth the time, it is worth giving it your all.
  108. Never compromise on your integrity and good name, because everything else hinges on it. Ultimately, it is your brand.
  109. The truth about life is that life is not fair . It only gives you what you fight for and not what you qualify for.
  110. If your quest to prosper is not aimed at honouring God as a believer, then it seems you’ve missed the point of it all.
  111. Giving creates room for receiving. It also endears you, even before your haters. They might not acknowledge it, but they will feel it.
  112. It is better to see the customer as ‘doing you a favour’ by choosing you above the competition and patronizing your products and services rather than the other way around.
  113. One of the ways you can kill jealousy is by going crazy celebrating other people’s success without thinking twice about it.
  114. You can also kill jealousy by identifying your gift. Commit to perfecting your gift and use it to solve problems continuously.
  115. When you are busy helping others and solving problems, the sense of fulfilment can overwhelm you until you have no room to be jealous.
  116. Although it can be excruciating, challenges are promotional stepping stones to the next level.
  117. You can live your dreams if you remain focused on the treasure…not the trouble.
  118. A higher value breakthrough demands a higher quality mindset.
  119. A higher value breakthrough demands a higher quality process and preparation.
  120. A higher value breakthrough demands a higher quality discipline and lifestyle.
  121. A higher value breakthrough demands a higher quality sacrifice.
  122. This is no secret folks, but the quality of your network influences the value of your net worth in the long run.
  123. Loving wisdom and not hungering for knowledge is impossible. Because knowledge feeds wisdom.
  124. Wisdom enables you to appreciate the little things that come together for the big things to thrive.
  125. Planning gives birth to strategy. Without a plan there is no strategy, and without strategy there is no effective and efficient execution.
  126. Ordinary men don’t produce outstanding success because it always takes a bit of madness to become outstanding.
  127. Planning offers you an advance walk-through, enabling you to better assess the cost, time, skills, and commitment you need to make your dream/vision/goal a reality.
  128. Wisdom is given by God, but the increase of it comes from your hunger and commitment to search for more. Knowledge adds flavour to it.
  129. Wisdom says do what is necessary now, but always consider its impact on your tomorrow.
  130. What is right always wins in the end. Because that is how lasting results are produced.
  131. Wisdom will always choose what is right over what is convenient. The result is lasting success.
  132. Wisdom and intelligence are not the same. Intelligence comes from what is taught. Wisdom comes from above and supersedes intelligence.
  133. Your mindset is the epicentre of all you do. You must seriously renew and inform it. It determines what you attract.
  134. Everyone has a price! Either you set it, allow others to set it for you or you allow your circumstances to determine it for you. Set your price!
  135. Everyone has value! Either you state your value and affirm it by your output, or hand over permission for people to determine it for you.
  136. Everyone has standards, whether they are stated or not, or even defined! Either they are low or high, or you are completely ignorant as to what they are.
  137. Not everyone whose opinion you respect will always get it right. They can be wrong sometimes. Take responsibility to make final decisions, and if it fails, own up to it and move on.
  138. Until you learn to concentrate your efforts in line with your purpose, you will not fulfil destiny.
  139. Success at anything starts in the mind. Just don’t let it end as a beautiful image of what it could be. Work at it to bring the imagery into reality.
  140. In life, you must qualify whose opinion counts and whose opinion doesn’t count. Until you do that, you will struggle to make significant progress. Because not everyone’s opinion counts on the same level.
  141. Being principled does not give you permission to be insensitive, harsh or heartless. After all, at times you miss yourself!
  142. There is always something to be done about your situation. The least you can do is ask for help to give birth to your dream and get back on your feet. Do not surrender to the victim mentality and live your life always begging just to survive. If you must beg, beg only to help you bring forth that dream. Be smart!
  143. It is easy to make decisions when you are principled. Because your boundaries are often set already, and you do only that which is right.
  144. A principled person respects other people’s principles and actually celebrates them, never forget that.
  145. Most businesses fail, not because of the ‘big picture’ but because of the little things that were given less attention or completely ignored.
  146. A smart entrepreneur will address all the possible pitfalls to improve his or her chances of success significantly.
  147. Businesses fail when the entrepreneur lacks direction and focus. Many people get easily distracted because they lack clearly-defined goals and direction.
  148. When a person is hungry to make a difference they are often less bothered about how opportunities are presented to them.
  149. Businesses fail when the entrepreneur lacks appreciation for customers. It is dangerous not to know customer psychology and how it works for you.
  150. Businesses fail when the entrepreneur can’t manage expectations. An inability to manage expectations can be a huge drawback to your success.
  151. Businesses fail when the entrepreneur does inadequate research. Poor research can cause you to struggle to define your target market clearly. This is a huge problem.
  152. Businesses fail when the entrepreneur lacks appreciation for knowledge. Without knowledge, you waste time and increase costs significantly.
  153. Businesses fail when the entrepreneur lacks appreciation for good strategy. Until you have one everything you do is trial and error. Very costly!
  154. Businesses fail when the entrepreneur fails to plan. If you don’t plan, you won’t be able to accurately gauge the cost and what running your business entails.
  155. Businesses fail when the entrepreneur has the wrong mindset. If your thoughts on business are wrong, it won’t take long before the struggles begin to bite.
  156. Working hard still counts. Just add strategy and working smart to it if you genuinely want to become successful.
  157. Marketing daily still counts! Just make sure you focus on the right segment of your market to get the right results. Consistency is the key in maximising returns on your marketing budget.
  158. Business values and strategy still count! Just make sure you don’t sacrifice long-term gains for short-term benefits. It always comes back ‘calling’.
  159. Business coaching still counts! Just make sure you are willing to learn and value it enough to act on it. Value is often associated with how much you are willing to pay for the coaching.
  160. Consistency with hard work always pays. The road to success is not as smooth as it is to read.
  161. If you are serious about it then prepare! Plan! And save for it. Above all, invest in yourself.
  162. No one becomes better at something by partial commitment. You are either all in or all out.
  163. Become determined to invest in yourself and your dream. Engage qualified experts, not anyone parading as one with no experience or track record.
  164. Keep your focus, don’t be distracted by what everyone else is doing. Be persistent and consistent, with a good strategy.
  165. Quality is a product of attention to detail. Until you give every aspect due attention, you can never exceed the average.
  166. It is said that ‘money makes the world go round’. If that is the case, then get yours and enjoy the ride.
  167. A smart entrepreneur ensures their integrity is always intact because it pays huge dividends in the end.
  168. It stands to reason that when you enjoy what you do, it fuels your quest to become better at it, and to deliver excellence.
  169. You don’t have to be rich to have high standards. Standards help you build the right foundations to create wealth.
  170. High standards contribute to our success and rise to greatness. Nothing significant is achieved without them. Never forget that.
  171. To grow and become successful is not by default. You have to learn from experts and apply their advice to experience it.
  172. When we face a challenge, we should not just throw in the towel and move on. Often, a little adjustment, adaptability, or just moving things around a bit to get a clearer picture from feedback does the trick, giving you the breakthrough you desire.
  173. No one succeeds in business all by themselves. If you can, then it’s probably a hobby. Invest in seeking relevant knowledge.
  174. Until you ask for more, life only gives you the crumbs. The meat is preserved for those who answer the right questions.
  175. Some go through life with an appreciation that there is more to it than we see. That is how achievers are born.
  176. Some people strut through life with no desire to understand what it is all about, exiting without having made any defined impact. Don’t be one of them.
  177. It’s not just about having high standards, but purpose. Because your purpose should determine the standards you live by.
  178. Grateful people give. It is among their greatest traits. They see giving as an opportunity and not a pain to endure.
  179. Until you are consistent in your persistence, you can’t receive anything worth celebrating.
  180. Values cannot be hidden, no matter how hard you try. They are seen by others in every action we take and every decision we make.
  181. Discerning customers always look for value, not the cheapest price available.
  182. One of the greatest discoveries in life is knowing who you are, what you’ve been created for and what it takes to accomplish it.
  183. You cannot afford to not fail when it comes calling, because failure offers you an opportunity to innovate.
  184. Keep your eyes on the ball if the object of being in the game is to score goals.
  185. Honesty is not leaving an iota of doubt in a person’s mind about your true intentions. It is being transparent right from the onset.
  186. If others have to keep figuring out what you mean, want or where your loyalty lies, then there is an issue with your words and actions.
  187. Honesty is not demanded before it manifests. It announces itself right from the start, before there is ever the need to question it.
  188. Honesty may take longer to deliver on a promise, but it will surely be delivered. Honesty will always make good on the promise.
  189. Honesty may cost much more than anticipated, but it will never be abandoned. It will eventually deliver!
  190. To succeed, you need to find your authenticity, and to become really successful, you need to find your own voice.
  191. Until you are ready to think in value rather than cost, you are not ready to grow, let alone become successful!
  192. The amount of resources you are willing to spend on preparation and planning says everything about how much faith you have in your dream!
  193. Your success rate has a lot to do with what you value most and are willing to spend time, expert knowledge and resources on.
  194. Become comfortable with asking ‘What is in it for me?’ Even if it’s not monetary returns. Never shy away from it.
  195. When confronted with long-term gains as opposed to short-term windfall, think. Long-term gains often get my vote!
  196. Successful people know that their time is invaluable. Time is an asset, and you must protect it.
  197. Success only comes to those who work hard and smart on the dream and remain consistent at it. There is no other way around it.
  198. Purpose is too powerful and addictive to let you go once you find it.
  199. If you don’t love what you do, you wear out in no time.
  200. In life, until you finish exploring you, you cannot give up on you. It is important to know what you are made of, both internally (inner gifting and capabilities) as well as externally (skills and activities) to make sense of the true you.
  201. No one has enough time in this life. People make time for what they care about or what is important to them. It is always an issue of choice, rather than the number of hours available.
  202. Faith is your greatest anchor in the storm. It is your best bet of surviving it and going on to become a success against all odds.
  203. It is not faith until you believe that what hasn’t happened yet is your reality, and it is only a matter of time until you will experience full manifestation.
  204. Faith makes you work. It gives you the belief to take steps. It is not faith if it doesn’t move you to act.
  205. Faith is the greatest motivator. To have it makes you not give up easily. You easily become demotivated when it is missing.
  206. Never rush anyone to sign up for your vision. To give you total commitment, they must fully appreciate the depth, meaning and the requirements of the journey ahead.
  207. Never sign up for an assignment, project or program that you don’t have a full understanding of. You risk signing away your integrity and values. Ask questions until you get it.
  208. Never take anyone at face value or allow titles to deceive you. Some need time to prove who they really are, because they may not even know who they really are themselves, or what they are capable of doing until they are put to the test.
  209. You fall victim to scams easily when you focus on the money instead of the problem a business solves. Real businesses solve problems.
  210. In life, in business and in your career, someone or something has to introduce you to your next level of promotion, platform or breakthrough. The question is, what will they/it say about you and your abilities?
  211. Entrepreneurs are self-motivators and hardworking!
  212. Entrepreneurs are go-getters. They don’t wait for perfect conditions!
  213. Entrepreneurs are action oriented. They just can’t be idle!
  214. Entrepreneurs don’t give up easily. They have a never-quit attitude!
  215. Entrepreneurs are focused and visionary, with a singular desire to make a lasting impact!
  216. Entrepreneurs are driven by the dream and the rewards!
  217. Entrepreneurs are often very passionate about what they do and the impact they make on people’s lives!
  218. Entrepreneurs are creators and agents of innovation in the world!
  219. Wherever entrepreneurs are encouraged and celebrated, society prospers much faster!
  220. Entrepreneurs make things happen that change not only their own lives but the lives of many others!
  221. Entrepreneurs are chief servants; they get down dirty and do not just concern themselves with being a boss and issuing instructions to others!
  222. Entrepreneurs spread the wealth around best, offering anyone the opportunity to better their life!
  223. Entrepreneurs are employers, helping national governments address the unemployment rates in any nation. Smart governments know it and create the enabling environment!
  224. Entrepreneurs are solution-minded providers in the face of many global problems!
  225. Entrepreneurs are risk takers often ready to embrace their failures, learn from them and try again!
  226. It is better to step out and fail than to sit clutching a few eggs which may not remain forever. Take calculated risks.
  227. The greatest barrier to your progression and success in life is the way you think.
  228. A business has a right to exist and profit from its operations, as long as it continues to solve customers’ problems, stays relevant and offers sufficient value.
  229. The easiest way to come up with a business idea is to look for a problem to solve. And if it matches up with your passion, skill set or experience, that is even better.
  230. Keep dreaming, but you’ve got to wake up to make it happen.
  231. Failure gives you are opportunity to consider better options. Don’t throw in the towel just yet!
  232. Until you believe in your dream, you can’t imagine it; until you imagine it, you can’t see it; and until you see it, you can’t possess it.
  233. Doing is always a better option than just trying because doing gets you more focused, and there is no room to give up. Whereas trying hands you the choice to give up anytime.
  234. More is accomplished in life by a person who is guided by principles than by one who relies on their will. When your will fails, let your principles prevail because you stand a better chance of making a success of your
  235. It is the battles you choose to fight that determine how much you can accomplish and how far you can go in this life.
  236. Entrepreneurship is not just hard work and long hours, but smart work and belief in yourself and your ideas. That is what delivers results.
  237. Successful entrepreneurs adapt. PERIOD!
  238. God worked six days, rested on the seventh day and successfully created the Earth with its beauty. How can anyone who wants to start a business, or any group of people in a nation, work an average of three to four days a week and expect to become outstandingly productive and successful?
  239. Your ideas may fail but that does not necessarily mean you have failed. Because you have every opportunity to start again from experience this time around.
  240. Until your dreams becomes scary to you, and to your friends and family who think you are crazy, you are not an entrepreneur.
  241. A person can strive for perfection with almost no impact on being excellent. Perfection is about being flawless. Excellence is about doing something very well to the point of being outstanding. Each one of us has a
    responsibility to task ourselves with being the best in what we do to deliver quality and to become excellent at it.
  242. Until you believe in yourself and your idea, your business will struggle to get established and gain its market share.
  243. Planning is good but do more than just plan. Without action you lose momentum and end up with dead dreams.
  244. Until you are willing to follow through with what you learnt, you are just accumulating information.
  245. What differentiates entrepreneurs from everyone else is their inability to dither on an idea. They follow through with actionable steps much faster than everyone else.
  246. Your success hinges on two things; you and your imagination.
  247. Aiming high is what gives you significant results, because it enables you to expand your thinking and drives you in the direction of possibilities.
  248. If God speaks to you, impress on your heart, give you a better solution to a problem and cause you to perceive an opportunity or dream about a concept, it is your responsibility to research it, seek expert advice and put a
    plan together for Him to provide the resources to execute it and turn it into a successful business.
  249. Have you heard the saying ‘God helps those who help themselves’? Do not subscribe to that. Be of the view that ‘God helps those who take action and responsibility for their part in the process.’
  250. True intentions always win in the end. Let that be your guide on your business journey.
  251. Visualisation is the seed of dreams. Until you can see it with your inner eye, it is difficult to dream about it.
  252. Poverty, lack and perpetual insufficiency do not glorify God. Neither does hiding behind God and doing nothing. What glorifies Him, among other things, is stepping out, creating businesses and prospering to His glory. Because God delights in the prosperity of His servants.
  253. Feed your faith now without apology because faith is necessary to navigate and survive life successfully. Faith is essential to start, run and grow a successful business. Whichever way you choose to look at it, faith must be a solid and constant at all times for a believer to successfully navigate life and business. Faced with the choice? Don’t hesitate to go for faith.
  254. When you take out action out of the equation after praying, you only end up operating outside the realm of faith.
  255. When you’ve been through the ‘mill of life’ and been really pressed, you don’t see achievements as personal accomplishments, even though others may see it that way.
  256. An individual or community who is not prepared or willing to sacrifice today for value tomorrow is set for a prolonged, unpleasant struggle.
  257. It is often said ‘waiting is not in vain’. However, that is guaranteed when you take advantage of the waiting period to perfect your act, polish your skills, set yourself upright and develop the right systems and structures as a business owner, thus ensuring that you are ready when the curtain goes up for you to take the stage.
  258. Never apologise for anything that does not add or bring value to your life. It’s simply not worth the effort.
  259. A person can only be confident and feel superior over life’s situations if they think superior, aspire to a superior status and work towards maintaining superior taste and standards.
  260. To succeed in business, you must be prepared for the risks and challenges that come with it.
  261. Knowing your purpose in life gives you focus. Focus means less distraction. Less distraction brings you an increase in productivity. Increased productivity translates into success.
  262. In business, your best is not enough without adequate knowledge of the industry, right strategies, expert advice and smart actions.
  263. What doesn’t make sense to you is a revelation to someone else. It is in your interest to be smart and stop looking at everything only from your perspective.
  264. Good reputation is necessary for business success. A good reputation comes from higher service standards, quality products, consistency in delivery, and availability to the customer.
  265. The opportunity to prepare for anything in life is a luxury you cannot afford to lose. Unfortunately, it almost always comes unannounced.
  266. If the reason for doing what you do is weak, you are more likely to produce weak results and may be tempted to give up at the smallest hurdle.
  267. No dream is realised in a day, especially if it is of God. Preparation, time and process are essential requirements for manifestation, all of which work better with a dose of patience.
  268. Motives still count, even in business. They can be the difference between winning over a client, a contract or a supplier!
  269. If you don’t approach life like a business, there will be too little to show at the end of your journey.
  270. A person who does not know how and when to ‘shut up’ by themselves, often becomes a threat to themselves and their destiny.
  271. You can easily know the level of a person’s depth of understanding and knowledge by the questions they ask.
  272. Clients and customers often tend to treat you based on how they see you do business. Do not compromise on conducting yourself professionally.
  273. A person motivated by immediate hunger pangs tends to be easily corrupted at the smallest opportunity.
  274. Even if an individual has been assigned to your journey in life, you have a responsibility to manage your expectations of them. This includes friends and those around you.
  275. Smart people don’t cut corners because cutting corners only makes the journey longer in the long run.
  276. A community, group of people or individuals with economic power cannot be easily overlooked, let alone ignored.
  277. Your destiny, assignment, calling and purpose in life should dictate the choices you make daily, weekly, monthly and yearly.
  278. Don’t get bogged down in the end result. It is the process that has all the secrets you need to learn from.
  279. To be a trendsetter is much better and more rewarding than being a trend follower, both in life and in business.
  280. Compromising to fit in is one of the greatest fallacies in life because you lose your uniqueness and become a liar to yourself.
  281. Ideas rule the world. Not debates and arguments.
  282. It is not enough to change your mindset but to think of what it could be. Because possibilities are your greatest driving force.
  283. Don’t give up. It won’t necessarily be easy, but it will be rewarding in the end.
  284. God has a plan. So should you. Because nothing significant can be achieved in life or business without one.
  285. A good plan should help you clearly articulate the why, what, how and when to take the right actions to fulfil your dream.
  286. Life can only be lived successfully if you do better than average. It’s the only way to stand out and make a bigger impact.
  287. Success is not attained by chance but is a product of consistent and persistent action in the direction of your vision, with a significant amount of passion.
  288. Success can come in different forms and levels, but the principles behind it are one and the same.
  289. Every God-given gift comes in a raw package. Deliberate perfecting brings it to the level of excellence necessary for success.
  290. Success is within your reach, if only you will do what is asked of you, which is to be the best at what you do and never give up doing it.
  291. God does not expect you to be diligent, excellent and successful if He hasn’t put that ability already inside you.
  292. Good foundations are prerequisites for lasting success. Poor quality foundations offer you the opposite. Think about that.
  293. The desire to succeed is not a guarantee of becoming successful. It is the steps and action you take that guarantees success.
  294. Focus on doing what you love, do it well and you will achieve success.
  295. Achievers are self-motivators often spurred on by an inner drive for success.
  296. It is not smart to jump before thinking. Wisdom dictates that you ‘think before the jump’. Guess why the head is at the top and the legs beneath.
  297. To thrive in life, think before you talk, look before you leap, plan before you act and watch before you pray.
  298. What you make time for says a lot, if not everything, about where you are going in life.
  299. True success eludes those who have less appreciation of the value of time.
  300. Time is a master tester. It proves the depth, the quality and the substance of friendships, true intentions and a person’s strength in the long run.
  301. Your uniqueness is a potentially outstanding ability the world is yet to see.
  302. Your differentiation in life is in what you know and what you do with what you know.
  303. Wisdom is measured by wise actions, not just wise words.
  304. Wisdom will offer you freely what experience will charge a great price to teach you.
  305. Creating customer value must be a key element in any business offering. One of the smartest ways to win customers involves a basic understanding of how to create an offering that customers value more than what the
    competition is offering.
  306. Every invention is precipitated by the question, Why can’t?, Why not?, How about?, And of course the ‘chance discoveries’ that pop up every now and then from an original research focus.
  307. Innovation starts with seeing change as an opportunity, not a threat.
  308. It is only a fool who doesn’t change his mind in the face of more accurate facts, good counsel and quality information.
  309. It is basic wisdom to offer the very best in life and to do the right thing at every opportunity, especially if you expect the same of others. Until then, you have no right to demand of others what you are not willing to give them.
  310. You can never go wrong with a business idea that solves a problem if there is a gap somewhere that needs filling. Just make sure the market size is sufficient to enable you, at least, to stay around for a while.
  311. Choosing to develop yourself is a sign you believe you have the capacity to become better and do better.
  312. Discipline, like integrity is a great asset in business. However, it can only work for you when you practice and live by it consistently.
  313. The thing about challenges in life is that, what one person looks at and cries ‘Obstacle! Problem! Impossible!’ another shouts ‘Opportunity! Potential! Advantage!’ It all comes down to perspective. Failing to see this can rob you of so much.
  314. To complain only makes you keep dwelling on the problem without freeing the mind to think through potential solutions. Be wise. Free the mind to generate the solution you require.
  315. Being satisfied with too little is an enemy to growth and expansion.
  316. Getting your network, subscribers and visitors to engage, and consistency in what works best for your business, are keys to a successful social media strategy.
  317. People who make things happen are driven by their vision and dreams and not by the help they can get from others or the availability of the right conditions and support. Because often, they have to make the things
    happen. That is what makes them achievers.
  318. Refusing to manage one’s expectation of the time it takes to attain success in business is one of the major causes of business failures within the first 2-3 years.
  319. Want to save a lot of money, stress and time? Think of value instead of cost when working with a coach.
  320. Never over-promise and under-deliver in business. It has never been a clever strategy if you are in business for the long haul.
  321. Using a good business coach will help build your confidence, develop a winning mentality, bring clarity to your vision and challenge you to step out of your comfort zone.
  322. A good business coach will not be afraid to question your choices and help you find smarter ways of doing business.
  323. Economic downturns are among the most notorious periods for the birthing of great ideas, you just need to adjust your perspective.
  324. The mind’s ability to be effectively creative is at its full function when consistently focused on one goal.
  325. Your distinction in business is as important as the quality of products and services you deliver. It is the way to sustain consistent and successful growth.
  326. When your recruitment criteria and objectives are flawed, they reflect on the dedication and commitment of your employees.
  327. Opportunities in business are not always given, they are taken. That is simply the fact. Better get used to it.
  328. Wealth is knowledge. When shared, the secrets become known to others. Spread the word.
  329. In business what your connections cannot do for you, your diligence and excellence will secure for you.
  330. Don’t exaggerate the size of the potential failure so that it paralyses you from stepping up and stepping forward.
  331. Innovators ask the questions ‘What if …?’, ‘Why not …?’, ‘When can …?’, ‘How can …?’, And they don’t stop there but move a step further to seek ways to answer the questions.
  332. Your average investor is smarter than you think. Focus on building a solid case that makes you and your business attractive and you will win them over.
  333. Effective marketing is registering in the customer’s mind that you are not easily replaceable.
  334. It is good practice to always acknowledge the talents, skills, innovation and great things others are doing. Encouraging and supporting them qualifies you for your own success.
  335. In this era of social media ‘likes’, comments and share buttons, there shouldn’t be secret admirers. If someone supports your vision, encourage them to show it.
  336. Polished skills with quality service or products, good strategy and great presentation, is a deal breaker when pitching to investors.
  337. Discipline is attractive. Make conscious efforts to take steps and actions that add great value to your spiritual health and growth.
  338. A poverty mentality makes you feel as though you must have it NOW, with no appreciation for the process. It makes you give up easily!
  339. You cannot fulfil purpose without a vision, goal, objective, passion, commitment and consistency. PERIOD!
  340. Your purpose can only be fulfilled with a healthy body, sound and informed mind, focused vision, developed skills and determination.
  341. You can’t fulfil your purpose by constantly focusing on the negative and what you perceive as being done against you by your enemies.
  342. Purpose is meaningless if it is focused on you. It is best served by focusing on others and society.
  343. A poverty mentality makes you feel as though you can do everything by yourself, without appreciation for others’ input, professional contribution and ideas!
  344. No matter how good your intentions are, if your priorities are not right, success will be hard to come by.
  345. Never compromise your values for anything, especially short gains. Because ultimately, your values are what set you apart.
  346. God does not give little dreams. Always remember, if He gave you that dream, be ready to walk alone at some point.
  347. When you fall in love with knowledge and pursue it consistently, intelligence will become your trademark.
  348. If something is worth believing in, go for it without hesitation. Because doubt will rob you of the motivation and determination required to make it a success.
  349. The size of your goal counts. Smaller goals can cause you to give up at the most insignificant hurdle. Dream BIG!
  350. Solution providers often command more value than problem makers.
  351. Standards are critical and essential landmarks for our development and growth. Without them, schools, organisations, businesses, and individuals would not achieve any goals.
  352. All great achievements in life are the results of setting standards above the norm.
  353. It is only by admiring and aiming for higher standards that we become successful.
  354. Standards are your friend when fulfilling your dreams, becoming a person of influence and impacting lives.
  355. Hating and speaking against people with higher standards is often a mark of non-achievers and average people.
  356. There is always the temptation to think you know it all. Never fall for it. There is always a smarter way of doing business!
  357. The advice of a business coach stays with you forever. The mistakes you avoid save you precious time and money. Be smart!
  358. A good strategy defines the nature, direction and value system of the business as an entity.
  359. You can only grow if you are willing to learn. The more you learn, the more you grow. You cannot change without learning.
  360. What you invest in informs your decisions. And your decisions are a reflection of what you choose to associate with.
  361. A dream gives birth to passion and passion produces action. Your work ethic, consistency and determination will deliver excellent results.
  362. Success is always linked to opportunity, diligence and consistency. These are keys you cannot do without.
  363. Wisdom is great, but without understanding and knowledge it won’t do much for you!
  364. If you have a poor mentality, no amount of cash will change your circumstances. Mentality is everything.
  365. Every problem is an opportunity to become better, to know better and to do better.
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