Janhvi Kapoor Signs Second Telugu Film Alongside Ram Charan

Janhvi Kapoor and Ram Charan Stylehyme

The wait is finally over! Boney Kapoor, the acclaimed filmmaker, has officially confirmed that his daughter, Janhvi Kapoor, is all set to star in her second Telugu film alongside the charismatic actor Ram Charan. The project, currently titled RC 16, is being helmed by the talented director Buchi Babu Sana, known for his work on the hit film Uppena.

Janhvi Kapoor, who made her Telugu debut with Devara alongside Jr NTR, is now ready to take on another exciting role in the Telugu film industry. Her collaboration with Ram Charan has already generated immense buzz among fans and cinephiles. The chemistry between these two talented actors promises to be electric on the big screen.

In a candid conversation, Boney Kapoor expressed his excitement about Janhvi’s journey in Telugu cinema.

He shared, “My daughter has already completed filming with Jr NTR and is thoroughly enjoying her time on sets. Now, she is gearing up to start shooting with Ram Charan. Both of these actors are excelling in their craft, and Janhvi considers it a privilege to work with such talented individuals.

Janhvi Kapoor’s calendar is brimming with exciting projects. Apart from her Telugu ventures, she is also part of several Hindi films. Mr. and Mrs. Mahi and Ulajh are among her upcoming releases, where she showcases her versatility as an actress. Boney Kapoor fondly recalled his late wife, the legendary Sridevi, who worked across multiple languages. He expressed hope that Janhvi would follow in her footsteps and continue to explore diverse cinematic experiences.

Interestingly, Boney Kapoor shared a personal regret during our conversation. “I’ve filmed 12 movies in Hyderabad,” he reminisced. “Back then, the city was on the rise. But when I returned after a few years, everything had changed. I used to drive around myself, but now I rely on locals for guidance. I always wanted to buy a house here for my wife because she worked extensively in Hyderabad. We cherished the Andhra cuisine whenever we were here. It’s something I miss dearly now.”

As Janhvi Kapoor embarks on her exciting journey in Telugu cinema, fans eagerly await the magic she and Ram Charan will create together on the silver screen.

Here’s to more success and memorable performances from this talented star!

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