Why Kriti Sanon Says No to New Holi Outfits?

Kriti Sanon

In an exclusive interview, Bollywood actress Kriti Sanon shared her unique fashion preferences and gave us a glimpse into her personal style.

When it comes to celebrating Holi, Kriti Sanon prefers comfort over extravagance. Her go-to choice for the festival of colours is “anything white.” She loves the comfort of denim paired with a shirt.

Interestingly, she doesn’t believe in buying new clothes for the occasion; instead, she opts for an old shirt that she doesn’t mind getting a little messy. Her advice for Holi fashion is simple yet practical: “You take out a white shirt that you are okay with getting spoiled.

On being asked about a past fashion trend she’d like to revive, Kriti Sanon expressed her fondness for boyfriend denims. She feels they aren’t as trendy now as they were before and stated, “Boyfriend denims are not so in now as they were earlier. Mom jeans are in now. I used to like really baggy boyfriend denims.

Kriti Sanon shared her take on gender-neutral fashion, stating, “I am not sure. I don’t think that I love seeing men in skirts. But that’s my personal choice. But I love wearing men’s clothes by the way. I think I look great in men’s clothes. Even like suits and ties, I love women wearing men’s clothes. I am sorry guys. But the other way around is a little like personal choice nahi hai meri…Three-piece suit with a tie, blazer, all of that, I really like. I also like oversized clothes. Men’s clothes end up being oversized for me.

For a girls’ outing, Kriti’s go-to outfit pick varies based on the time of day. “If it’s a night out, then just a dress, preferably just a black dress, so you don’t have to think. If it is in the day, then I like day dress also. But I am more like boyfriend denims, sneakers, and a really fitted crop top,” she revealed.

Despite starting her career as a model, Kriti Sanon admits to feeling nervous before her ramp entry. She shared, “Just a few seconds before… yes. When there is almost a hand on your shoulder indicating that they are about to say, ‘Go.’ So I take a deep breath, that is what I kind of do. Before that, I try to distract myself. I will talk to anybody. I will be like, ‘Just talk to me.'”

In conclusion, Kriti Sanon’s fashion choices reflect her practical and comfortable approach to style.

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