Noor Malabika Das Found Dead in Her Lokhandwala Flat, Mumbai

Noor Malabika Das Found Dead

In a tragic turn of events, Noor Malabika Das, a former air hostess with Qatar Airways and co-star of Kajol in ‘The Trial’, was found dead in her Lokhandwala flat on June 6. The Assam-born actress’s cause of death is believed to be suicide.

A foul smell emanating from her flat led her neighbors to alert the Oshiwara Police Station. Upon breaking down the door, the police reportedly found her body hanging from a ceiling fan in a decomposed state. Her mobile, diary, and medicines were seized for further investigation.

Following the panchnama, Her body was sent for post-mortem to Goregaon’s Siddharth hospital. Despite the police’s best efforts to contact them, no family member came forward to claim her body. Her last rites were performed on Sunday with the assistance of the police and an NGO named Mamdani Health and Education Trust, which aids in the cremation of unclaimed bodies.

The 37-year-old actress had worked in several Indian titles, including ‘Siskiyaan’, ‘Walkaman’, ‘Teekhi Chatni’, ‘Jaghanya Upaya’, ‘Charamsukh’, ‘Dekhi Andekhi’, and ‘Backrod Hustale’, among others. One of her key roles was in the Indian adaptation of ‘The Good Wife’, titled ‘The Trial’, featuring Kajol in the lead.

Directed by Suparn Verma, ‘The Trial’ was released on Disney+ Hotstar in 2023 and consisted of 8 episodes of legal drama.

Actor Aloknath Pathak, a close friend of Noor, expressed his sorrow, stating, “I am saddened by this. I have known Noor for years and worked with her in many films and series.

Disclaimer: If you know someone who is having suicidal thoughts, experiencing anxiety, going through depression, or suffering from a serious mental illness, please reach out to a nearby doctor, mental health expert, or an NGO for immediate help. There are several helplines available for the same.

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