5 Secrets to Manifesting Your Own Destiny

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We all have the power to make problems go away and bring joy into our lives. You can have the desires of your heart if you truly believe you are capable of having them.

What you focus on without doubts really does come to pass. Your life is shaped by the things you spend the most time thinking about. Negative attracts negative, positive attract positive. Practice these secrets and change your life.

Secret #1: Gratitude is Key

In order to achieve the best results in the shortest period of time, gratitude is a key ingredient to your success. We’ve all heard the expression, “Don’t count your chickens before they’re hatched.” Wrong! When you’re able to celebrate the chickens before you can see them, you’ll have more chickens than you ever thought possible!

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The Law of Attraction states that like attracts like. If you focus on your fears, what you don’t have, and the negative feelings that go with all of that, you’ll continue to attract lack and negativity.

Focus instead on the gratitude you feel for the things you know are coming, as though they are already in your grasp, and you will attract them more quickly and find even more reasons to be grateful. There is a special energy that comes to us when we believe something, and when we celebrate it, that energy brings what we ask for to us.

The law of attraction applies to you in every aspect of your life (e.g. when you’re looking for self- confidence, financial freedom, a new career pathway, the love of your life) and accelerates if you celebrate it in advance.

How would you feel being (e.g. confident in yourself, financially free, a business owner of a successful agency, madly in love)? Express that feeling now and be grateful for it, and it will attract your confidence/wealth/business/partner to you much faster than if you bury your head in the sand.

Does this all feel like make believe? Sure, especially after a bad day when nothing seems to be going right. Instead of dwelling on the negative feelings, put them aside and focus on why your life is Awesome. When you do that, it energizes something within you, and when you apply that to e.g. being in love, it attracts the perfect mate to you with grace and with ease.

Today and every day, take a few minutes to be grateful, not only for what you have, but also for what you will have – as if you already have it. Create an expression of gratitude…

I am so happy and grateful now that I’ve found…

No one wants to hang around with a Debbie/Dougie Downer. When you focus on positive thoughts, you lift up yourself and those around you, and their positive energy lifts you up right back, and the cycle continues. You will attract what you put out, so make certain that you are first being that which you desire.

Here is a positive daily affirmation you can use to get yourself on the right track:

  • I am a strong, confident, beautiful (wo)man, who is living the life I have dreamed of.
  • I love what I do and the people around me, and they in turn love me.
  • I love myself and share that love with others.
  • I know that I have the power to be, do or create anything in my life- anything, if I believe I can.
  • I am in control of my emotions and my destiny.
  • I make good choices that are right for me and those I care about the most.
  • My life rocks in every way!

So many times when you embark on a new or different journey, especially when friends and family are voicing their opinions on what you should or shouldn’t do, it can be difficult to stay away from the negative thoughts. However, if you want this process to work for you, focus on your vision and celebrate it in advance! Only positive will attract positive, and you have to put it out there every single day.

Secret #2: Focus on You

If you’re serious about getting the results you want, then you need to take this process seriously. When you make a real commitment, you’ll be successful in finding your goal and sustaining it for life, not just a quick fix.

Before you can hope to meet the goal (e.g. self/finances/career/mate) of your dreams, you need to prepare yourself–get your own house in order, so to speak. Mentally and physically, you need to get rid of the clutter and make room for the new, wonderful things you want to bring into your life.

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You’ll attract a mirror image of yourself in many ways. Therefore, if you want to attract someone/something that rocks, you need to rock too- before you attract that goal. You must be confident in your own abilities, and realize that no one can make you “whole”, but you.

If you come to this journey as a whole person, then you will attract a whole person/experience. Your life is already amazing, so you want to find experiences and people that are also amazing. You don’t want to bring experiences and people into your life that lack.

For best results, if you don’t feel like you’re in that place yet, make sure that you’re bringing the best you to the table before you go any further.

As you start your quest, you need to get into the right mindset and make room in your life for your goal. Are you prepared to find the goal you say you want, and then to commit to it once you find it? Get clear on this now, for you’re laying one of the strongest blocks in the foundation of your life and you don’t want your house to crumble later due to a poor foundation.

I believe this process will work for you, and it will rock your world. If you aren’t ready to have your world rocked, and you need time to get truly ready and committed, set this reading aside until you ARE ready to move forward.
Start by taking an inventory of who you are.

What makes you wonderful? What do you have to offer to your potential goal? Make a list of everything you have in your personality toolbox: your talents, your likes and dislikes, your funny little quirks. What makes you special?

Ignore all of the “I’m not enough” thoughts that might pop up for you. Know this- you are and always have been enough, just the way you are.

We’re here to focus on your attributes and what you bring to your goal and let go of the list of deficiencies we may think we have. Again, remember that what we focus on will grow- so let it be the good things.

Next, you need to make sure you have room in your life for this new goal. Make room in your life, your schedule, your mind, your heart, and even your house/space, because this goal experience/ person is going to be there in just a few days!

For example,

  • when you make a conscious decision to find the love of your life, you literally want to go through your home and make room for him/her.
  • Clean out half of the master bedroom closet so that (s)he has room to hang his/her clothing.
  • Empty space in each room, knowing that it will soon be filled with his/her things.
  • Clean out the garage so (s)he has a place to put her/his tools.
  • When you set the table for dinner, set a place for him/her too.
  • When you buy a new pillow for yourself, buy one for him too, even though (s)he doesn’t exist in your life- yet.

All of these things change the mindset and really make finding your goal a conscious decision. By taking tangible actions, we’re changing the energy around our goal and relationships and inviting them into our life, in an irresistible way.

If your mind, your life, and your home are ready for your goal to join you, you’re ready for Secret

Secret #3: Create Your Vision

Now that you’re clear on who you are and you’ve made room for your new goal, it’s time to get very clear on your vision by creating a vision board, including photos that represent things that you want to attract into your life.

The Law of Attraction states that the fastest way to attract anything is to resonate at the same frequency as that which you desire. In other words, if you want to be happy and in love with yourself/career/partner – ACT like you’re already happy and in love and it will find you more quickly.

I know it sounds a bit crazy, because when we want something so badly, it’s sometimes difficult to act like we already have it when we can’t see it in front of us. It’s counterintuitive – but it works!

When we feel like we already have something in our life, that feeling (even if it came from playing pretend) will actually bring the desired thing to you so much faster – just from feeling it! FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT!!!

One of the best ways to start this process is to close your eyes and really think about why you want your goals (e.g., self-confidence, financial freedom, your own business, a partner), and what your life will look like for you with that goal met.

Most importantly, how will it make you feel. Really go inside and think about this.

For example, how will it make you feel when you introduce your new love to your best friend, how will you feel on your wedding day, what do you want to feel on your fifth wedding anniversary, what will it feel like to dance the night away with the love of your life?

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That feeling is what we’re going for here, rather than the specifics of what color hair your partner might have. Think big picture and keep bringing it back to what will this make you feel.

If you’re doing this exercise right, just thinking these thoughts will most likely bring a smile to your face – and that feeling is a critical part of success for the process.

Once you have an idea of what this goal experience/relationship of your dreams will feel like, now it’s time to get to work. You are going to create a vision board, to provide you with a tangible representation of what you want in your life.

You’re welcome to do this just for your goal experience/new relationship, or for all aspects of your life, as the principles that you’re practicing here work not only for bringing love into your life, but also for other areas of your life as well.

Please remember, the important thing isn’t the act of creating your vision board, but rather, the feelings that you experience when you look at what you’ve created.

Once your vision board is complete, success will happen much faster if you look at the representations of the things on your board and feel the feelings of celebration and elation — as if you already have them in your life.
In some ways it feels like you’re playing pretend, but just like the “celebrate in advance” concept from day one, I promise you, this works.

Creating a vision for what you want is one of the most important steps in this process. We all know folks who complain to friends that they just can’t get to their goal or find “the one”, yet, most times, they haven’t even taken the time or made the effort to get clear on what it is they’re looking for in the first place. It’s almost impossible to find something if you don’t know what you’re looking for!

In case you might be feeling like you want to skip this part and just go find an easier route to your goal right now, I’m going to ask you to trust me on this process. If you want to find someone/something that you can truly create happiness with, you have to get clarity first.

These steps are necessary to start, so that you can remain grounded and on track when things start happening fast in the next few days/weeks/months. The speed will come from cutting to the chase, and you can only do that when you know where you’re going.

Another stumbling block for many is the belief that as smart humans, we must “make” things happen. Many times we don’t take the first step to move forward on our dreams – to create a great financial future, career, relationship, start a new business, etc. – because we don’t know how to complete the project.

It’s really critical to your success to understand this… As a part of the vision process, please focus on “what” you want and allow the “how” and the “who” to show up when they will.

You can’t “make” this happen. You can’t “make” the right partner/experience show up, or “make” someone fall for you. The best you can do is get clear on your vision, take steps in that direction and then get out of the way and allow the magic to happen! GET OUT OF YOUR OWN WAY!

As part of the visioning process, allow your mind to dream, create the perfect vision of what you want – how you choose to feel, focus on the end result and just relax. Hold the vision of the feelings you want to have when your experience/partner shows up in your life and let the Universe decide how to make it happen.

Take some quiet time, close your eyes and see what your life looks like after you find your goal/partner. Will you live in the same place? Will you relocate to another area? Will you leave your job? Will you buy a new car? Will you travel the world? Will you have children together or not? What activities do you see yourselves doing together? Are you cooking dinner together at

home or dining out at a favorite restaurant? What do you see in your perfect vision of a happy life together? See it. FEEL it. Let it flow….

Then, open your eyes and as you’re smiling, knowing your dream is coming true, go find a photographic representation of that feeling.

In other words, if you’re feeling proud to be with your new partner/in your new career/financially free, then find a photo of someone that you would be proud to be with/someone that is walking in your new shoes/someone who models the wealth you will have.

If you want a life of abundance together, find a photo that depicts two people in love, enjoying the finer things in life. If you want a partner who will share your passion for feeding the hungry, find a photo of a couple being of service.

If you have a passion for healing the sick in your new business, find a picture of such, if you see yourself making large sums of money to build orphanages in Africa, go find pictures that depict this.

A great resource is Google Images. You can enter almost any term in their search box and images will appear. Since you’re not using these for any commercial venture, either take a screen shot or save the image and print it out.

Above all, really go deep, think what’s important to you, then find and print the photos that best represent the life you choose to create. You’ll know you’re on the right track by the big smile on your face as you look at the photos as you print them out.

When you have your collection of photos of the life that is coming to you, grab some push pins and mount them on a cork board or on a wall or on a poster board where you will see them many times throughout the day.

The most important thing to remember is this: when you see the vision board, celebrate having these things in your life NOW, before they actually show up. Pretend if you must, but make the feelings real. How do you think you’ll feel when you’re madly in love with your partner?

How do you think you’ll feel as CEO of a major public company? How do you think you’ll feel being the first in your family to create generational wealth? FEEL THAT NOW. Smile. Laugh, and be grateful. Repeat this throughout the day, every time that you see your vision board, but for a minimum of 3 minutes first thing in the morning and 3 minutes before retiring in the evening.

Be playful and have fun with it!

Secret #4: Define Your Perfect Goal

After creating the big vision, now it’s time to be very specific about what you want. Be very detailed and clear… and be careful what you ask for, because you just might get it!

Each of us has a different list of traits that we want in our goal experience/partner, things that would be nice to have, and things that are non-negotiable. Today is the day to get very clear on exactly what you want to bring into your life.
The more specific you are with what you are looking for, the better chance you have at finding it.

This is your time to dream, and to dream BIG. There are no limits on what you can ask for. Remember the scripture, “Ask and ye shall receive”? If you don’t ask for what you want, you can’t

complain if it doesn’t show up! You can have anything you want, if only you put it out there and believe that it will come to you.

Secondly, all great religious texts tell us to believe that we will receive that which we ask for. This is a bit more difficult, as we’re taught to doubt possibility and as a child, we’re told to be “realistic”.

Believing that you will receive it is the most critical part of this process. If you remember what we talked about when you created your vision board, it’s the feeling that will attract your goal experience/relationship to you, so please, trust this process and pretend, if you can’t yet fully believe. FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT!!!

Today, spend some time really thinking about your goal experience/relationship, what financial independence looks like, what being a successful business owner feels like, what he or she likes, perhaps even what he or she may look like, and fully describe your future partner.

Be honest and include things that would simply rock your world, even if others may think you’re crazy. Add enough fun things to the list to keep you happy for the next 50 years, and make certain you order what you really want from the Universe.

Just generate a random list that is not prioritized. Just list the traits as they pop into your mind including: Qualities of my perfect goal (e.g., mate/job/finance/self)

Notice how I focused on the positive aspects of what I want, not what I don’t want. Manifest what you want to happen, and that is what will come to you!


  • I am grateful for the life that I have in this moment and celebrate good things in my life in advance!
  • I have made room in my life for this experience/relationship by creating space for my goal/partner.
  • When I look at the vision of the experience/relationship I choose to create and consciously feel the feelings I want to experience when I’m in love with my career/mate/financial future/self, I know that it attracts my goal experience/partner to me even faster!
  • I am clear about who I am and represent myself honestly to my potential experience/partner.
  • I have a clear vision of my experience/partner, inside and out and can easily describe this amazing experience/person.

Action Step:

Write the profile that best describes the vision you have for your goal experience/partner. This is a fun task, where you get to literally place your order for the experience/partner of your dreams!

Even if you don’t think this works, play along… dream big, be specific and trust the process. Keep in mind that you don’t have to believe in gravity for it to work either! FAKE IT TILL YOU MAKE IT!!!

Start writing your goal experience/partner’s profile now:

  • Make a complete list of adjectives, words or phrases that describe your experience/ partner. (List at least 100 traits that cover physical, mental, spiritual, financial, etc.)
  • List things that you want your goal experience/partner to fulfill/enjoy.
  • What are you most attracted to most about this goal experience/partner? List the traits.

Now, using the information that you’ve created step-by-step above, put it all together and write a few paragraphs that describe your goal experience/partner in all ways: (Keep in mind that this doesn’t have to be perfect and you can edit this later, but do the best that you can.)

Secret #5: Focus on You Destiny Daily & Watch it Unfold!

Now that you have a clearly defined set of goals, focus on this material and make it your mantra. Find the inspiration you need from the skills and tools you’ve developed from secrets 1-4 to help you believe. Find others that you trust to encourage you to believe and let them inspire you.

Seek out wisdom and advice from positive sources. Recognize positive and negative influences and steer towards the positive. Release your obligation from the negative thoughts. Develop your belief in your destiny and watch it unfold and fully manifest!

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