Improve Body Language Stylehyme

Improve Your Body Language – A Brief Guide

People make snap judgments about each other based on body language. It is possible to improve your body language and the way that others view you. Give an air of confidence when meeting…

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Children Baby Stylehyme

How to Prepare Your Children for a New Baby

Many experts believe “sibling rivalry” (or jealousy between brothers and sisters) is normal among children who are looking for love and attention from the same parents. Unnecessary rivalry may develop when a child…

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Good Work Ethics Stylehyme

Develop a Good Work Ethics – A Brief Guide

The work ethic is a cultural norm that advocates being personally accountable and responsible for the work that one does and is based on a belief that work has intrinsic value. Research has…

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Coaching Types Stylehyme

6 Different Coaching Types You Need To Know

Etymologically, the English term “coach” is derived from a medium of transport that traces its origins to the Hungarian word kocsi meaning “carriage” that was named after the village where it was first…

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Strength Marriage Stylehyme

Strengthening Your Marriage – A Brief Guide

A bad marriage can make parenting, and life in general, more stressful. This publication is one of a series on parenting and is designed to help parents strengthen their marriages. A strong marriage…

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Common Reactions Relationship Stylehyme

What to Do After a Breakup: Common Reactions

No one ever begins a romantic relationship with the intention of ending it in such a painful way. However, relationships may end and almost all of us experience a break‐up. Following the break‐up…

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Improve Motivation Stylehyme

How to Improve Your Motivation

It’s not always easy to stay motivated. We might start out strong, but somewhere along the way we may falter. Even if external factors cooperate  we don’t lose our job even though the…

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Personal Change and Goal Setting Stylehyme

Personal Change and Goal Setting – The Definitive Guide

When we are motivated to make changes in our lives, there are certain steps or phases that are common. You’ll want to understand the factors involved in change and how to take action…

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Ready For Marriage Stylehyme

How Do You Know If You’re Ready For Marriage?

There is some real wisdom behind that childhood rhyme, “First comes love, then comes marriage.” But how do you know if you are ready? Marriage is a major life decision and with a…

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meditation stay track stylehyme

14 Questions to Ask Yourself Every Day to Stay on Track

Mornings are perhaps the most important part of each day. It sets the tone for everything that follows. Ever notice how when you oversleep, and have to rush around like crazy, you end…

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