Nehhaa Malik’s Stunning Poolside Photoshoot in Dubai

Nehhaa Malik Stylehyme Dubai

Nehhaa Malik, the talented actress known for her work in the Bhojpuri film industry, recently shared a series of stunning poolside photos from her trip to Dubai. The photos, which were taken at the luxurious Address Sky View, showcase Malik’s glamorous style and the breathtaking views of the Dubai skylin.

The Address Sky View, located in Downtown Dubai, is known for its panoramic city viewpoint and two resplendent towers conjoined at the summit by an architecturally marvelous Sky Bridge. It’s the perfect backdrop for a photoshoot, with its infinity pool offering a unique perspective of the city.

For the photoshoot, Malik chose a stylish ensemble from Fxm London. Fxm London is a collaboration of Twenty-first Century Mills with a London-based house that manufactures & designs apparel for many international intimate wear brands. Their garments are not just very comfortable but very luxurious, appealing & reasonably priced at the same time.

The photos were captured by the talented Midhun Mohan. Mohan’s photography skills are evident in the stunning shots, which perfectly capture Malik’s beauty against the backdrop of the Dubai skyline.

Nehhaa Malik’s poolside photoshoot at the Address Sky View in Dubai is a testament to her glamorous style and the art of photography. The combination of the stunning location, stylish outfit from Fxm London, and the skilled photography of Midhun Mohan resulted in a series of photos that are truly a feast for the eyes.

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